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Frequently Asked Questions

Write Positive Online Reviews

This may be one of the best and simplest acts of kindness you can do to support a local business, and it's completely free and won’t take too much time!

Even if you have been hit hard during Covid-19 and are struggling financially, this is something everyone can do for their favourite local shops and businesses. You can recommend them to your friends and family, as word-of-mouth is the most impactful way to spread awareness.

Purchase Gift Cards

Buying a gift card for future use is a great way to help business owners at a time when they need it most. Even if the business has not reopened yet, you may still be able to purchase a gift card online for a future purchase or dinner out. If there are certain stores you know you love and will be visiting, consider purchasing a gift card ahead of time.

Stock Up

If there are certain items from local businesses you know you always need a large quantity of, consider stocking up and purchasing a larger amount at once. This will not only help small businesses, but it will also reduce the number of times you need to visit the store and help keep shops less busy which will aid social and physical distancing.

My favorite restaurant is missing from your directory. Can you add it?

The restrictions on businesses can be detrimental. We would like to be able to promote all businesses in our community. Send us an note with the name of the business, industry, website and address and we'll be sure to add your favorite places to our directory!